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Based on his 25 years of business leadership and firsthand experiences as a current business executive, Brian Fielkow, J.D., offers a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture.


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Speaker Brian Fielkow

Owner of Houston-based Jetco Delivery, he is the author of Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence By Creating A Vibrant Culture, a comprehensive guide for building strategic company culture. He has developed a proven formula that directly ties a company’s culture to its bottom line by empowering employees, managing and driving change, and distinguishing between values and priorities.

Since purchasing Jetco, a logistics company specializing in regional trucking, heavy haul and national freight, in 2006, Brian has grown the company six-fold by focusing on employees engagement around culture, which he believes directly translates into corporate prosperity. As a business leader still in the game, Brian does not focus on the theory behind culture, but rather provides hands-on tools for executives and managers to create and sustain their own company’s culture by offering low-cost, high-value ideas.

As an expert on corporate culture and business leader running his own company, Brian is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur.com and has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, NPR, Wall Street Journal Radio, Fast Company, The Street and others. A public speaker, Brian travels throughout the country presenting on the topic of corporate culture.

Prior to purchasing Jetco, Brian managed over $700 million in operations, and served as Chief Operating Officer of The Peltz Group (the nation’s largest privately held recycling company), Executive Vice President of Recycle America Alliance, a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc., (the largest environmental solutions provider in North America), and practiced corporate law after receiving his J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law.

Presentation: Driving to Perfection
Brian Fielkow provides executives with hands-on tools to create a healthy company culture, which directly ties to bottom-line results. Culture is what sets companies apart from competition, and Brian offers audiences a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture that promotes employee empowerment and accountability. As a business leader running his own entrepreneurial company, Brian does not focus on the theory behind culture, but rather provides strategies for executives and managers to create and sustain their own company’s culture. By sharing how to manage and drive change, as well as distinguish between values and priorities, executives, no matter the size of their company, can grow their bottom line.

Value to Audience Members
Audience members will leave with practical ideas for evaluating, creating and anchoring their company’s culture in order to transform their organization. By providing low-cost, high-value ideas, Brian is able to set executives on the path to growing their bottom line with concrete actions steps to building a thriving culture.

Presentation: Safety Is Not a Priority. It’s a Core Value.
When it comes to working in high-consequence industries, safety must be a core value. Brian’s presentation provides executives with hands-on tools to build a culture of prevention, by emphasizing the importance of behavior-based safety and differentiating between values and priorities so that your team makes safety a way of life.

Value to Audience Members
Fast growing businesses can sometimes put safety on the backburner because they see safety it as a cost. Through this presentation, audience members will have a greater understanding that safety is an investment with profound bottom line results. It is measured through profitability, customer satisfaction and employee morale, and Brian will offer tools for creating a vibrant culture of prevention.

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