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I've been a full-time speaker since 1995. I started when I was just a young 20-something kid and now I'm closing in on two decades of speaking. So it's with some degree of confidence that I can claim to understand how important having the right speaker is to the success of an event. YOUR event.


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Simple ADHD Guide

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities while in grade school. As an adult I learned that I’ve also had ADD all along and suddenly everything about my life made perfect sense.

I dropped out of college to pursue a love of art and speaking, and have been “on the road”, full-time since 1995, traveling to every part of the United States as well as to more remote places like China and Australia. I blame my ADD.

Ever since my ADD diagnosis, I’ve been on a personal quest to learn as much as possible about this “disorder”. What I’ve learned has completely changed the way I view myself and this thing called ADD. Nowhere is the saying “Knowledge is power”, more applicable than when it comes to ADD.

Years of living with and studying ADD have brought me to the firm conclusion that it impairs a person’s life the most when that person is trapped in an ADD-unfriendly environment (ie. the traditional educational system/typical corporate cubicle hell) or does not possess the information she needs in order to deal with her symptoms in the right way. It may be a long time before much changes about the way typical schools operate, or the way a corporation expects their employees to behave, but meantime, I am on a mission to share what I’ve discovered and continue to discover about ADD.

Apart from helping dispel the many myths and misunderstandings surrounding ADD, I also speak about overcoming adversity, diversity and creativity.

I created this website as a resource for those looking for information about the above subjects. I do my best to blog regularly, although having both ADD and Dyslexia, I’m not as consistent as I’d like to be. I hope you are lenient with me!

Finally, as much as I love being a speaker and performing artist, I love being a husband and father more. My wife (The Russian), two daughters and I live in a great little city called Indianapolis.


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