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Barry is a global voice for collective leadership and strength in unity. He works with youth and adults, organizations, campuses, companies and communities seeking to foster the kind of leadership and unity that moves us forward together, stronger. His expertise is organizational behavior and development and what he calls S.M.A.S.H. Leadership™ and M.E.S.H.™ Management. He is a Virtues Project™ Master Facilitator, Personality Dimensions™ Facilitator, business educator and writer, and connects work on spirit, mission, execution, success and happiness to help create sustainable, empowering, united cultures of joy and purpose at work, school, home and community. A karaoke rocker, dancer, archer, football fanatic and cartoonist, Barry has audiences singing, dancing, aiming, tackling and drawing upon their strengths. A tornado, breeze, and gentle wind all in one, Barry champions a practical and powerful message to the public, private and not-for-profit sectors... engaging audiences, with a bounty of humor, passion and integrity.


  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Teambuilding


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The Unity Guy

Barry’s expertise is collective leadership through organizational behavior and development, with particular attention on real time leadership, community capacity building and youth engagement. Barry believes that our greatest success is rooted in building communities at work, school and beyond. As a business educator, performance trainer, expert speaker, author, and consultant on creating the type of unity and passion that leads to real success on the ground, and in our hearts, Barry can help you move forward together through…

Leadership – inspiring leadership that unites, transforms and models the way.
Community – building unity and capacity at the corporate, campus and community level.
Youth – empowering youth by unleashing their passion, compassion, and purpose.

Barry helps campuses, companies and communities work on…

  • Spirit – identifying and celebrating the spirit of who we are, at our best
  • Mission – defining a practical, powerful purpose for what we do, at our best
  • Execution – aligning actions with spirit and mission, vision and purpose
  • Success – clarifying meaningful, sustainable, empowering success
  • Happiness – fostering a culture of passion, joyfulness and service

He is a professional business educator in organizational behavior and strategic management.

He is a Certified Master Facilitator with the global Virtues Project™ and a Certified Facilitator for Personality Dimensions┬«.

He believes it is our commonalities and differences upon which we build amazing unity that strengthens and creates excellence.

He seeks to serve in audaciously and fiercely drawing “communities” at work, school, and the greater community together to understand that we all count and we all bring capacities to the table that can help us move forward. This is the unity of champions.

Indeed, Barry champions this cause like a tornado and gentle breeze, all in one. He can be larger than life and intimate in interaction. He does it with genuine care for the people with whom he works and he uses humor, dance, song, improv, cartooning, archery, and football and more as vehicles in delivering on leadership and unity in powerful balance.

Barry facilitates problem solving. He coaches, consults, speaks, writes, educates and trains… all on unity and the type of leadership we need… we all need… to move us forward together. He works to create flourishing schools, workplaces and communities. It is about the unity of the hand, strong as the fist, gentle as the touch; built on the deepest meaning of unity in diversity. It is based on the notion that we all count, and that it is our individual and unique talents and capacities, brought together, that create the real success of synergy.

Bottom line, Barry stands for and champions collective leadership at work, school and beyond… through authentic and strategic leadership, community capacity and team building, youth engagement, and educational development.

It is about “unity in an unremitting quest for spiritual and social progress”… peace and prosperity through collective leadership.

Engage Barry. He will engage you.

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