Speaker Barbara  Teicher

"As you get to know Barbara Teicher, you will immediately see that she has taken her nearly 6' height to the level that reaches her skills and experiences as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, consultant, and business coach. Barbara guides her audiences in a light-hearted look at the reasons for challenges they face in business communications. She brings common sense to this with a no-nonsense approach to changing difficult situations into lasting solutions." Communications is Barbara's MAIN topic.


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"It's HOW You Say It™"

Ms. Teicher brings her 25 plus years of developing leaders in Fortune 50-500 companies to every engagement and forum in which she works. She honed her delivery skills and business savvy through a strong background in the telecom industry. Barbara provided executive briefing sessions to officer level customers and employees as she coached and consulted participants who operate small companies to leaders and teams in large enterprise organizations.

She has appeared on the NBC affiliate “Kansas City Live” to showcase a state-of-the-art executive briefing center and how this medium delivers compelling reasons for customers to do business with an organization. She has delivered presentations on advanced business solutions to senior officers of the most recognized brands in the world as a part of the sales and marketing strategies while working at Sprint Corporation.

As a high energy leader, business owner, wife, and mother – she consulted on and critiqued an executive simulation conducted at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business; and has just finish a book to be released in spring of 2014. She is the 2013-2014 President-Elect for the National Speakers Association in Kansas City and a mentor for the MBA and EMBA students with the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University. You will learn very quickly about how she adds life to her company motto and belief ‘Its HOW You Say it”.

Barbara lives in the Kansas City area with her husband, Adam, and their rambunctious dog Aspen. Barb and her husband are the proud parents of an honors college freshman daughter at Colorado State University

It’s Not Just What You Say, “It’s HOW You Say It™”

Words are powerful tools. Do you wonder why, at times, someone takes offense at something you’ve said…and you have no idea why? It’s not just what you say, “It’s HOW You Say It™”.

The “way” you say something can be more important and impactful than the words you actually use. The intent behind the words we try to convey may actually be in opposition to the message perceived. They are often not in sync at all. Why?
Discover the secrets of the messages you’re really sending and how to change perceptions because, “It’s Not Just What You Say, “It’s HOW You Say It™”;

Key Takeaways:

• Diagnose the situations/people where a level of discomfort exists and why.

• Recognize the reasons for disconnect in conversations and relationships.

• Confirm your perception is their reality with the 6 steps in the “ “It’s HOW You Say It™”; principal.

• Learn how to execute S.U.C.C.E.S.S. with each encounter.

Do Your Meetings Look More Like an Ambush?

Have you ever wondered why no one seemed to notice the great idea you shared, only to have a colleague share the same idea 20 minutes later and HE’S the genius!?

Have you gone into a meeting and had the feeling your ideas were doomed to fail before the meeting ever started? What is it you’re doing, saying…or wearing…that may be sabotaging your efforts?
Learn the answers to these questions and others that your career could depend on.

Key Takeaways:

• Determine the real reasons for the ambush.

• Define the personalities that attack.

• Lessen the chances for future conflicts.

• Unlock the pieces for a solution.

• Create an action plan.

You Should Have Them From HELLO

When you walk in to a potential customer’s business, do they seem to say “Goodbye” before they’ve said “Hello”?
Many people in sales have a difficult time…not because of something they’ve done or said, but something another salesperson has said before them.

Barbara draws on her years of experience with sales professionals and managers to teach you how to unlock the doors and how to “pull” not “push,” so you can have them from “H.E.L.L.O.”

Key Takeaways:

• Know the 5-step program to increasing sales.

• Define the steps to creating collaborative relationships with your customers.

• Recognize the advantages of “Pull” versus “Push.”

• Know how to ask the questions to increase multiple sales that can help increase customers’ revenues.

How to BE the Person You Want Others to Think You Already ARE

When we wake up in the morning, none of us thinks, “Wow, who can I really tick off today.” Yet during the course of the day, more times than we’d like to admit, it’s all about us.

What makes our day easier, what will it take to get our ideas implemented and how can we do dinner, dishes, date night and diapers in three steps or less?

We have an image of ourselves. Is our image what others really see? What do people say about you when you’re not around? Who do you want to be?

Learn the five steps to change your life and truly BE the person you want others to think you already ARE.

Key Takeaways:

• Acknowledge the areas where who you are isn’t quite who you want to be.

• Define “The 5 Steps” to making a difference.

• Determine which steps can change your legacy.

• Write the first page in your “Book of Life.”

The Personalities of Conflict: Which One Are You?

Have you wondered why seeing some people raises your spirits and seeing others raises your blood pressure? More often than not, that feeling is mutual. We all have those traits that can leave others edging toward the exit.

Managing conflict, especially for women, can make or break careers and can strengthen or sabotage relationships. So how do you go about taking that daunting look inside to see what might possibly be a blemish in your own character? Take heart. The fact you’ve read this far is a good sign.

Using a 4-step process you can:

1) Diagnose the reasons for the conflict.

2) Isolate the personality traits causing issues (yours and theirs).

3) Put the pieces together to determine your strategy.

4) Create a plan for improvement.

Key Takeaways:

• Diagnose the real reasons for the conflict.

• Isolate the personality trait(s) causing issues.

• Determine the JERKS.

• Create a plan for improving the situation

How to Say, “No” With Finesse? “It’s HOW You Say It™”

When done correctly, pushing back on an internal request shouldn’t give the impression you’re not a team player, you’re trying to be difficult or you’ve decided to cut your time in this position short and you’re heading for the exit. As a matter-of-fact, when done correctly, the impression should be just the opposite. The person you’re dealing with should walk away with a renewed sense of your professionalism, dedication and the quality of your efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define the ultimate reasons for saying, “No.”
  • Determine when to “take the ball and run” or, “play softball and pitch”
  • Weigh the risk
  • Determine the verbiage you should use because It’s Not Just What You Say, “It’s HOW You Say It™”

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