Speaker Ashish  Shukla Ash Is Cash!

Ash enjoys sharing his story of how he came here with just $20 and not a word of English, while taking you on his journey from struggles to success. Despite of struggles he has conducted multimillion dollars in business without spending little to any money in marketing. He loves to share this with his audience and take them on a journey, give them ideas that they have not heard before and making a bigger difference in the world.


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Ash Is Cash!

Ash came from India with just $20 and not a word of English. Ash has been in the financial services industry since 1994. Ash failed his Insurance exam more then 6 times. Ash sucked at sales for 7 years. As you can see Ash has struggled in the industry before finding his grove and succeeded.

Ash has worked with major banks as a branch manager and private wealth manager before went out on his own. Ash has won major awards like the SunTrust Cup while working at the banks. Ash has been #1 in the state and top 10 in the country with the subsidiary of Citigroup.

He has been interviewed on TV. He is a Author of 2 books published on Amazon One of them is on sales called “Sell Like Crazy” your personal guide to closing any deal in just 3 steps. Second one is on financial matters called “No Nonsense Retirement”. He has received congressional recognition for his work from United States House of Representatives Roscoe G. Bartlett.

“Best of things from worst of times”,
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought it is over? Have you ever wondered god why me? Were you confused and scared when this happened? What if I told you that are the best thing that ever happened to you. What if I showed you a way to turn this around and make that into the best thing that ever happened to you. This happened to me and I will show you what I did to take my life from a brink of a collapse to a success journey. I will give you clear instructions on how to do the same. Through my story I will show you how to take that worst thing and turn into best of times.

“Sell Like Crazy”
What is sell like crazy? Selling is like crazy is about taking your prospect from where they are to where you want them to be in just 3 steps. No matter how big or small the transaction you will learn how to close any deal in just 3 steps using my secret formula HHG. I will show you how I used it to close multi millions in business and how you can apply it to do the same.

“Be Crazy”
When was the last time you did something crazy? When was the last time when you achieved unbelievable results? How did you achieve them? In this speech I will show you what happened what happens when I took some crazy yet thoughtful steps. I will show you how you can take steps that are crazy yet it produces results.

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