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The founder and CEO of Major MomĀ®, Angela Cody-Rouget walks her talk. She has 2 decades of training in order management. She served in the U.S. Air Force for 18 years (10 years active duty, 4 years in the reserves +4 years in AFROTC) and she embraces and thrives in orderly environments. Orderly does not mean rigid or inflexible! Orderly means that you have room in your brain to think about important things. Not only was she born to organize but after 18 years in the USAF the processes of order and organization are internalized and it is natural to live orderly. She wishes everyone knew how good it felt to have a peaceful and serene home.



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Major Mom

Angela attained the rank of Major in the USAF and her husband, Frederic, nicknamed her Major Mom after their first child was born. Angela would return from a long weekend of reserve duty and Frederic would hand her baby Lily and say “Yeah, Major Mom is home!” Angela has been called Major Mom since December 2003.

After her second child was born, it became more difficult and sad to leave her babies for long weekends and two weeks a year. It was also very inconvenient to pump breast milk and try to keep it cold until she got home. Most of the other soldiers didn’t mind if she had to leave a meeting or quickly pump, but it started to bother Angela that she was torn between two loves: her family and the military. After much consideration and thought, Major Cody resigned her commission with an honorable discharge.

She has never regretted her decision to be a full-time Mom and one thing that she definitely learned was how hard it was to maintain an orderly home with a baby and a toddler. As she joined Mommy groups and play groups she witnessed how hectic a stay at home Mom’s life is and how isolated one can feel. She started to grow a big place in her heart for Moms and their busy families. That was the inspiration of her idea to start an organizing company that helped busy families. God knows these Moms and Dads need some help! Many of us no longer live next to Grandma and Grandpa or aunts and uncles. Many of us are all alone and not sure who to call for help. Angela wants to make sure that everyone that lives in clutter and chaos knows who to call for help—MAJOR MOM.

Angela worked as a solo professional organizer for three years, yet her vision for Major Mom has always been on a grander scale. The Major Mom vision is to be the most recognized and respected organizing firm nationally and internationally. Major Mom aims to be of great service to busy families. The company also aspires to provide rewarding careers for men and women who are passionate about organizing and serving families. In 2009, Angela brought a partner to the Major Mom team—-Mandy Pinkston. In October 2009, the Major Mom Training Academy was opened. We have run three classes through our academy and as of October 2010, we have 8 fabulous Liberators (Professional Organizers). See the “Careers Tab” on this website for more information about joining the team.

The Major Mom team is comprised of professional organizers who are highly skilled and well trained at de-cluttering and setting up customized, achievable and sustainable systems in various types of households. Their mission is to restore order and serenity to homes and home offices. To the Major Mom team, creating order does not mean being rigid or inflexible! Having order means that you have room in your space, your mind, and your calendar for the things that are most important. Major Mom wants families to experience the joy of living and working in organized and beautifully arranged environments. They use their proven systems and processes to make each client’s goals become a reality, and most importantly, they make getting organized fun!

Major Mom Valuable Message

If you live in a cluttered home or work from a disorganized home office, your mind is distracted from the important things in life:

  • Spending quality time with your family
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Managing your money
  • Growing your business

Angela Cody-Rouget will teach you the common obstacles to decluttering and organizing. Discover the “Secret Weapon” to getting organized and staying that way. You will also gain insight and awareness about what’s blocking you from having a peaceful home and thriving business. Angela walks her talk and she is ready to teach her walk as you will learn strategies and techniques to declutter your brain, home and office. You will be inspired and motivated to tackle that organizing project you may have been putting off.

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