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Andy has a master's degree in the science of human performance and has spent the last 16 years mastering the art of inspiring people to become energized, healthy, motivated and better equipped to thrive in today's hectic society.


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Motivational Speaker Andy Core

His “research scientist meets standup comic” style gives audiences the proprietary information and inspiration needed to accomplish more at work, live healthy, and still have a life. Combining stories from his experience a successful consultant with the latest research, he will ignite your motivation, show you how to execute a better way of life and live to enjoy it.

Andy has field tested his concepts working directly with hundreds of top performers within Gillette, Coldwell Banker, Intel, Ernst & Young, Clorox, Tyson Foods, Newell Rubbermaid, Unilever, as well as leading healthcare organizations and associations.

Andy’s success rate at helping people go from “knowing they need to live a more balanced life” to actually living and capitalizing on it is thirteen times the national average.

Real Science. Real Successes. Really FUN!

Core Principle #1: Nothing in life gets better until your S.O.P (standard operating procedure) gets better, but when your S.O.P. gets better, everything gets better.

Core Principle #2: Energy & Motivation are Inseparable.
The fatigued fade and the energized engage. When you run out of gas the needle hits E on your motivation as well. When you wake up, feel great, and have a deep reservoir of energy at your disposal, your motivation to do the hard and important tasks in life increases exponentially. This includes increasing your desire to live healthier, do more with less, give better customer service, and being more present when you are with those you love.

Core Principle #3: Its All Execution.
The minute your lifestyle gets better, everything starts getting better. And nothing gets better until your lifestyle gets better. The wise know the FastTrack to better health and work-life balance is the result of what you do, not what you know. Everyone knows they should live healthy, but the ones who do have a lifestyle that consistently energizes them and positions them to make good choices over and over again.

Core Principle #4: Opportunity + Energy Trumps Time Management Seven Days a Week.
When was last time you were at your very best? Was it at a time when you needed most? We are not short on opportunities or relentless demands. We are, however, often short on the energy, focus and motivation it takes to grab more of the opportunities life presents us. The FastTrack to better work-life balance does not lie in schedule shuffling, but in having the juice to give your most valuable opportunities all you got.

Core Principle #5: Stress Right.
Stress is not the enemy, but rather is the genesis of growth. Pressed to the cusp of burnout, learning to better dodge, manage, and utilize stress can turn stress from a draining force to a force of improvement. This kind of 180 is what it takes to gain a serious edge in today’s competitive marketplace and live to enjoy it.

Core Principle #6: Motivation is Momentum in Disguise.
Every action you take increases your chances of taking similar actions. String multiple actions together and you multiply your chances of doing more of the same. The key is to design your lifestyle so you can string multiple positive actions together, thereby starting a chain reaction of positive momentum, which it turn transforms into an expanding motivation to excel at work, live healthier, and really be there for those you love.

Core Principle #7: You are your best investment.
Exceptional people invest in themselves. Exceptional companies invest in their people’s life in and out of the office. There are no shortcuts. To obtain better results in life, you and those around you must simply get better.

Core Principle #8: Life balance is not about balance.
Balance, symetry, equilibruim, predictable, safe. Those words rarely apply to the lives of the most sucessful, happy, heallthy and “balanced” individuals in the U.S. The Core definition of life balance is growth. In nature, if you are not growing you are dying. The fastest way to achieve better life balance is to …

Core Principle #9: Positive motion creates positive emotion.
The number one reason to be physically active for busy people wanting better lives is not the fact that it will reduce your chance of heart disease by upto 47%, type 2 diabetes by upto 69% and many cancers by upto 22%. It is because it makes you feel better. People who feel better work better, are better family members and are better to be around.

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