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Andrew Botieri began his career with JC Penney in 1982 and worked his way up to Senior Merchandise Manager based on his ability to see trends before they happened. Andrew was instrumental in JC Penney's "upgrade" to a mass merchandiser in the mid-eighties with their brand-name push that put them on the map. Andrew's ability to coach and train his associates for "add-on selling" helped propel customer service and profits. Andrew worked as an Account Executive for Eden's Broadcasting in Phoenix where he created the "Y95 Apartment Guide Hotline" linking metro-Phoenix's apartment hunters with premiere properties in the Valley of the Sun and in 1988 was elected to the President's Club.


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Sales and Marketing

Andrew was heavily recruited in 1989 by HPC Apartment Guides, the nations largest publisher of apartment guides in the country. Andrew worked for HPC in markets such as Phoenix, Inland Empire and Los Angles, California. In 1994 Andrew was promoted to Regional Director, overseeing markets in Boston, Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC, generating revenues of over 17 million a year. In 1995 he was made National Sales Trainer for HPC where he helped to train hundreds of HPC’s sales superstars, many of whom are now successful management executives across the country. Andrew was a turnaround specialist for HPC helping to re-energize numerous failing markets into the number one publications in their respective markets. Andrew helped design many innovative performance tracking and servicing programs that are still in use today by HPC.

In 1998 Andrew was recruited by AllApartments, the largest apartment referral service on the web as Vice President of Sales and Operations. After a name change in 1999 to SpringStreet and a merger with HomeStore.com, Andrew helped take the company public in August of 1999 as HomeStore is the mega-site for all types of real estate needs. Andrew implemented innovative sales & servicing programs in HomeStore and had one of the most respected sales forces in the industry. Because of his reputation, Andrew has been hired by property management companies around the country to help train and motivate not only their leasing professionals, but their executive teams as well.


This seminar will help you and your organization excel in a challenging economy as we demonstrate the importance of positive attitude and how first impressions reduce the defense mechanisms of each new prospect and how the relationship pyramid can help you build trust with your customers and prospects whether you’re selling or upgrading products or services. We’ll cover the importance of getting back-to-the-basics from building trust over the telephone techniques to demonstrating and reinforcing your product or service through powerful questioning techniques. We’ll also demonstrate the ease of overcoming objections, asking for the business and proven follow-up techniques. This seminar turns traditional selling upside down to gain larger market share and greater profits.


When you have a big ticket item with a renewal process, the deciding factor is how well you can establish and build upon a stronger relationship with each customer. You can teach anyone to sell something, but you can’t teach people to build relationships for new business and continued renewals without an expert. Learn the state-of-art relationship building techniques taught by one of the most successful sales trainers. In this program, we’ll discuss the power of counselor selling to help build a bridge of connectivity between you and your prospects and customers and how to use these techniques to create a joint venture. Learn the power of asking need based versus want based questions to discover their pain to help custom design your presentations. You’ll learn how to use the discovery process with feeling/finding questions, how to advocate for your product or service and keys to selling against your competition. Whether selling or renewing, we’ll share how to offer support in your customers decision to reduce their anxiety. This is an advanced sales workshop designed for veteran sales professionals and new hires.Counsel your way to success!


In our challenging economy don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Many sales and service companies spend more time, energy and money trying to get new customers in the front door, but spend less time, energy and money keeping their existing customer base from walking out the back door. How can we create repeat business? In this workshop we cover all aspects of world-class customer service and retention, how the sales and service professionals really make the difference in retention. We’ll share the key phases of a customer, how to handle upset customers and explore why they stop doing business with you. The answers will shock you! We’ll share how to create moments of truth to ensure repeat business and how to use new technology to keep in touch with your customers. We’ll also share great customer retention programs that work with any size budget. Does your team have the right customer service attitude?



Your job is to lead with inspiration and conviction,so how do you do that? This seminar focuses on powerful leadership and coaching tools to enable your company to build stronger and more productive teams to increase their performance. We’ll share great interview and hiring strategies so you hire the right person the first time. We’ll also share what T.E.A.M. and L.E.A.D.E.R. really stands for and share tips on creating accountability with your team and managing your time. With todays business challenges you need to be a transformational leader to succeed!


As the expression goes,speed of the leader, is speed of the gang. In this riveting program, we’ll explore the major characteristics it takes to lead either in a soft or tight market. We’ll discuss leadership and its importance in creating and implementing your vision, motivating and empowering your teams to work together to help you gain your desired market share and look at obstacles that keep you from achieving your companies goals and objectives. Without a vision your company is drifting like a boat without power and direction. Can you afford this? Lead, follow or get out of the way.


One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is learning how create accountability from the top to the bottom. How frustrating is it when people point fingers at each other or say it’s not my job. Why is it that management blames sales, sales blame service teams and service teams blame the customer? In this powerful program we’ll discover what obstacles keep companies from creating accountability and how to identify who is and isn’t accountable just by the questions they ask. We’ll share the right types of questions people should be asking to deliver accountability back to your company. When everyone is practicing performance accountability everyone wins-your customers, your service teams, your sales team and your management team.


Change is constant and it is every evolving. Are you staying up with change or are you being left behind? What is your company doing to handle change and take a pro-active approach to the ongoing changing within your company? This powerful program will share ideas to help you become more open minded to the changes impacting you and your organization. We’ll also discuss ways to learn and adapt to change and nurture the positive elements that change has to offer. Without trust your team will not take risks, without risks there is no change, without change your company will die. If you and your company are going through change, this is a must seminar.



Based on the inspiring story of Andrew’s brush with death from Scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, Andrew speaks from the heart about his unbalanced life, the stress which brought on his medical crisis. Andrew shares how easy our lives get out of control and we can’t even find the time to manage our time. He retells the story of how he dealt with his days of despair and how the power of positive thinking and persistence brought him back. His doctors called him the miracle boy. Andrew delivers powerful tips to help you reduce stress in your life, earn more of your freedom back and have fun again. As a business coach and motivational speaker, Andrew continues to help people find that inner voice to help them succeed. As Andrew says,Attitude is the fuel to accomplishment.


In this highly motivating seminar we examine the person within. For your continue success you need to constantly tap into your inner-powers, to enable you to unleash your potential. In this program we will discuss the importance of attitude, how to get it and how to keep it. We will look at how your choices create your destiny and we’ll examine the different types of personalities and help you identify yours. We’ll close out our program with a session on goal setting and share tips for staying fit both mentally and physically.


In this seminar we examine if you have the right business tools and see if you have the three ingredients critical to your business successful: know-how, activity knowledge and inspiration to action. We’ll perform a self-assessment exercise to help you identify your strengths and weakness and how to turn those into your advantage. We’ll also discuss the importance of dressing for success and how your image is portrayed through your body language. Are you ready to take you and your earnings power to the next level?

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