"Stunning. Authentic. Emotional. Heartwarming. Triumphant. These words describe Allison Massari's live presentation. She is a unique talent with a singular story that is unlike anything we've experienced in a decade hosting live events. Don't miss it."


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America’s Trusted Voice in Healthcare

Allison Massari ignites rebirth, vitality, and renewal through her unified work as an international keynote speaker and artist.

Ms. Massari found peace, purpose, and happiness after overcoming two extraordinary personal tragedies. In 1998, she survived a near fatal 60 mph car crash where she was trapped and burned severely. Just three years later she was hit again at 60 mph and suffered a near fatal brain injury. The level of betrayal she felt from life seemed insurmountable. Then she became determined to create an amazing life. Taking a long, steep climb from ashes into recovery, she learned very clearly how to navigate her way to true healing and to a life beyond anything she could have dreamed possible. Her rededicated mission is to share her story of transformation and revitalization to motivate change in people and the organizations that nurture and inspire them.

In light of her repeatedly stunning, authentic, and emotional presentations, the profound effect she has on her audiences Allison Massari was voted “#1 Rising Star” of 2011 by the National Speakers Association. She recently gave a TED Talk at TEDxZaragoza in Spain on “The Future of Happiness”. Her speech was received with such enthusiasm that she was voted to be submitted to speak at the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar.

Allison Massari will share how to transform any challenge into an opportunity. She teaches the secrets she discovered to create against-all-odds successful outcomes and new beginnings. She has the experience and skills working with people that will motivate necessary change for you, your group, and your community.

“I specialize in helping people remove blocks to success and feel passionate in life and work. My mission is to bring transformation to individuals, businesses and communities.”

In 2012 Ms. Massari will be featured in the Polaris Global international documentary film ReSolve teaching solutions for people coming through challenge and post-traumatic stress. Over a decade ago she began helping children with severe burn injuries. Her revolutionary programs with these teens were founded in 1998; and they continue to transform young people’s lives at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado. Her work stems from a desire to give back and to be involved in the medical community that nurtured her as a child and gave her a second chance at life. Her father is a surgeon, and her mother a nurse. Her story and extensive time in recovery from her accidents has given her compelling material to enlighten health care workers with a deeper awareness in patient-centered care.

Ms. Massari’s professional career is rich with diverse achievement. For over 15 years she has been creating, placing, and selling fine art to international collectors and Fortune 500 clients, such as General Mills, US Airways, and Lockheed Martin. The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida displays her collage work in its permanent collection.

Benefits of Keynotes for Employee Engagement, Inspiration, Motivation & Sales Topics:

1) Discover how good can prevail in the face of the most difficult situations. Allison has the ability to powerfully capture an audience with her unique story. She takes them on a journey and leaves them changed.

2) Revitalize employee engagement. Allison speaks brilliantly to each individual’s need for recognition and appreciation.

3) Learn to successfully manage emotions like anger, frustration and depression that affect work productivity and inhibit creativity, engagement and motivation.

4) Cultivate loyalty and dramatically improve employee efficiency.

5) Communicate more effectively with fellow employees and clients. Understand what works, what doesn’t work, and why when it comes to communication.

6) Enhance customer service. Increase quality of service to minimize complaints and generate more referrals.

7) Raise the bar for a healthy work environment and in turn improve employee satisfaction.

8) Feel empowered when facing challenges at work and in life.

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