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My name is Adams Hudson (in case you haven't figured that out) and I enjoy writing and creating ads that sell. My love of this craft came even before I knew I was writing "ad copy".I grew up as a passionate car hobbyist. I was always searching classifieds for new, interesting cars to buy. But to keep this hobby going, I had to sell a few along the way!


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Marketing Expert

I started noticing that different words and phrases seriously impacted the ad’s results. I kept track of ad performance (along the way selling a couple hundred cars with these methods) and later was able to “systemize” persuasive presentation in words.

Through a series of events, I then applied these methods to contractor marketing… and was shocked at the results.

This field was seriously under-developed. There was very little “performance” marketing in contracting. In fact – and I’m sorry to be so blunt – much of it was awful. (Hey, that’s a good thing: If yours improves you’ll stand out as some sort of marketing genius!)

So it dawned on me: It costs the same to run a bad ad as a good one. Why not give contractors ads that get results?

I began to implement Direct Marketing, Image, and Customer Retention strategies that had been wildly successful in other industries. Many worked even better in contracting.

Now you can get the fruits of our testing and expertise with “turn-key” performance marketing. You can get newsletters, Marketing Power Packs, Yellow Page redesign and other contractor marketing tools. You’re just a click away from reading much more about those.

I also publish a weekly newsletter for contractors called The Sales and Marketing Insider, which helps several hundred contractors across the country gain valuable marketing and sales secrets, tips, and strategies.

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