Motivational Speaker in San Francisco, CA

Motivational Speaker in San Francisco, CA 

Are you looking for a motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA for an upcoming event?

We have the best local speakers, trainers, and sports figures in the entire Bay area. This post will help you find the right presenter for your event. One that will inspire your audience and be remembered long after the presentation.

Once you’ve found your motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA we recommend that you lock them in ASAP. The best speakers get booked out far in advance.


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This video will show you how to find a speaker using our website.

Use our quick online method to quickly identify 3 speakers who match your budget and event requirements.



Ways To Find A Motivational Speaker in San Francisco, CA

motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA
To Find a Motivational Speaker in Just Minutes Click on Find A Speaker Fast

To get the best motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA for your event:

motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA Look at the search box on the right-hand side of this post
motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA Enter your Topic, City, and Budget, then click FIND SPEAKER.
motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA A specific list of speakers who are a good match will appear.
motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA Click on any of the speakers to see their videos and other info.

For Best Results Using The Search Box on The Right

   Expand your budget a little bit
Often you can find a great speaker for just a little bit more.
The 3 main budget ranges for professional speakers are:

$2,500 to $5,000 – Good local talent
$5,000 to $10,000 – Best local talent and national talent, some authors
Over $10,000 – Best in class, bestselling authors, sports figures, celebrities

   Search in nearby cities
Sometimes a great speaker won’t reside in the city of your event.
They may live a city or two away. It’s often worth flying them in.

   Call or email us if you need help
We’re always happy to assist you in finding the speaker, trainer, or sports figure you need.
You can contact our Speakers Bureau in San Francisco



Motivational Speaker or Inspirational Speaker?

motivational speaker in San Francisco, CAA Motivational speaker is not the same as in Inspirational speaker.

Motivational speakers motivate people to action. That’s their primary function. They can be also inspiring and exciting. A motivational speaker is great for getting people to stop procrastinating, try harder, get going, and take action when they may otherwise be hesitant or reluctant.

An Inspirational speaker moves people emotionally. That is their primary function. They may or may not motivate people to take action.  Inspirational speakers often leave a lasting impression that can remain for years after their presentation. Frequently they have overcome tremendous difficulties, disabilities, or trying circumstances in such a way that their story inspires people anew.

If you want your audience to take action, choose a motivational speaker.
If you want your audience to have a moving experience, choose an inspirational speaker.


What To Say To Prospective Motivational Speakers

motivational speaker in San Francisco, CAWe will hand pick 3 speakers for you from our roster of more than 3200 professional speakers. They’ll contact you in 24-36 hours of your request.

But what should you say to them once you get them on the phone?

We recommend a 3-step approach that has proven highly effective for many of our clients.

This can be done quickly to qualify each speaker to talk to.

motivational speaker in San Francisco, CA First tell them about your event
Then describe your audience to them
Finally, ask them to give you a brief description of their speech

If their snapshot description feels like a great fit for your audience, there’s a good chance that the presentation will be a hit.

On the other hand, if the speaker’s brief overview doesn’t seem to be a fit, the speech will likely not go over well either.

Find A Speaker in San Francisco| Inquire Online | See Speaker Videos

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Why Use Our Speakers Bureau

Peace Of Mind
We can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got a validated professional for the job. Armatures speakers abound and often pass themselves off as professionals. If you mistakenly book an amateur for your event, it can turn out to be a disaster. We know our roster of professional speakers well and we can match their strengths to your audience and event.

No Cost 
Speakers Bureaus like ours are paid by the speaker, not YOU, the client. This essentially makes our service FREE to you.

Save Time & Make It Easier
If you take 10 minutes and fill out our Quick Speaker Form we will hand-pick 3 speakers who match your topic, budget, and city of event. Then we’ll have them reach out to you so you can speak with them. This will save you hours of time searching through speaker videos and websites. Our system makes finding a talented local speaker fast and easy.

Save Money
Most of our speakers offer our clients a discounted rate because we send them a volume of bookings. This gives you a definite savings. We also choose local speakers first, so you aren’t being charged for travel expenses.

Call The Alexander Speakers Bureau in San Francisco, CA at 682-263-4515 or use our Quick Speaker form to find a speaker for your event.


Need Help Planning Your Event?

If you need ideas, suggestions, vendor, or help finding a good location for your event, please feel free to reach out to us. We have a Go-To list of local vendors we have worked with and we’re always happy to offer recommendations free of charge.

Our list includes hotels, caterers, conference facilities, event planners, destination management companies, and many more.

For free recommendations or help planning your event in San Francisco, please Send Us A Note.

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