Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI

How to find the right Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI 

Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI? One who will deliver a spot-on presentation that will be very well received?

The right keynote speaker can MAKE your event, be a major draw, create excitement, and cause your entire event to be remembered for years to come. On the other hand, the wrong keynote speaker can be a disaster. This post will give you essential insights into finding the right Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI for your event.

The right speaker will ‘knock it out of the park’ and help make your entire event a huge success.


3 Ways To Find The Right Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI

Here are 3 ways to find a great keynote speaker for your event in Honolulu:

Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HISearch Our Website
Use this method if you have the time and energy to go through multiple videos and speaker bios. You may find one whom you feel will be just the right fit. Please remember that only a small fraction of our 3,000+ speakers are listed on this website. Many more are available.

Use the search feature on the right side of this page or click on See Speaker Videos

If you see a speaker you like, fill out the quick form on their bio page to learn more about them.


Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI Call Us

We are always happy to speak with you. This method usually takes around 20-30 minutes. Our friendly booking coordinator will ask you some questions about your event and what you’re looking for in a speaker. We will then hand-pick 3 speakers from our roster for you and have them contact you in 24/48 hours. This will save you time searching for a keynote speaker.

Our office number is 682-263-4515. We’re open M-F 9am to 5pm CST. 


Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HIThe Fastest Way 

Fill out our Quick-Online-Form in 7 minutes. We’ll take the information you give us and hand-pick 3 speakers from our roster for you. We’ll have them contact you in 24/48 hours. This will save you a LOT of time searching for a keynote speaker.

Use This Quick-7-Minute Form – We’ll Hand-Pick 3 Speakers in Honolulu & Have Them Contact You

Here’s a short video on how to use our website to find a speaker.



How To Find The Right Keynote Speaker in Honolulu

Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI
Tips that will help you find a speaker who is a hit with your audience.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the conversations you’ll be having with a handful of qualified speakers.

To prepare for your speaker-conversations:

Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI Choose 1 main topic – the one you want emphasized in the presentation
Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI Determine your maximum budget, including any misc. travel expenses
Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI Determine the length of the presentation you want
Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI Know what your audience likes best – action, stories, humor, data?
Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI Lock your keynote speaker in with a deposit as early as possible. The good ones get booked out up to a year in advance

Additional Tips – to find the best keynote speaker in Honolulu:

   Consider expanding your budget a little bit.
Often you can find a great speaker for just a little bit more. The 3 main budget ranges for professional keynote speakers are:

$5,000 to $10,000 – Best local talent and national talent, some authors
$10,000-$20,000 – Best in class, bestselling authors, most sports figures
Over 20k – Rock your world and leave an impression for a lifetime

   Search in nearby cities
Sometimes a great speaker won’t reside in the city of your event. They may live a city or two away. It’s often worth flying them in.

   Talk with at least 3 speakers
Our clients tell us that one speaker usually stands out above the rest. Be sure to talk with the 3 pre-qualified speakers we hand pick for you until you feel that one of them is a great fit. You can also ask us a question via email about any keynote speaker in Honolulu



Once You’ve Booked A Speaker in Honolulu

Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HIOnce you’ve chosen your Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI and contracted them, then what?

How do you make sure they give the best presentation possible? Every speaker has different presentation and performance requirements.

It’s important to pay attention to these details. Even the travel preferences that a speaker may have can play a major role in the success of their presentation. They may want to fly in a day early, stay on site, or have an area to relax back-stage prior to the presentation. All of this can make the difference between a great speech and a mediocre one.

In order to ensure the best presentation, follow these guidelines prior to the event:

   Ask your speaker about their presentation rider. This document is a list of requirements they have and what they need to give their best speech. Make sure you can meet all the requirements on their list.

   Do not micro-manage the speaker. Professionals know how to do their job and don’t require much handholding.

   Pay the speaker at the event if you can. Speakers tell us it has a psychological effect of helping them give a better presentation when they know they’ll be paid immediately after their speech.

Find A Keynote Speaker in Honolulu | Inquire Online | See Speaker Videos


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Mistakes To Avoid When Booking a Keynote Speaker

Don’t Be Too Impressed By Fame 
A famous author or sports figure may be a great draw for your event but be careful that the speaker you book can present ON TOPIC for your audience. Don’t be over-impressed by their celebrity or author status. What often matters most is that your speaker is a match for your audience and can talk to their needs, fears, desires, and goals. In most cases the speaker-topic-audience fit is far more important than celebrity.

Get More Than Just A Speech   
Most keynote speakers have a variety of additional value-added services they offer. These include breakout sessions, executive coaching sessions, workshops, book signings and more. Be sure to ask each speaker you interview what else they offer in addition to a speech. You may be able to get additional services for only a little more investment on your part. This can give you quite a lot more value plus much more bang for your buck.

Don’t Cram Too Much Into The Agenda 
If there’s one mistake we see over and over that event planners make, it’s that they overthink their event. They stuff the timeline of the event with too many things and end up overwhelming their attendees. Lay out a clean, tight timeline for the event that includes various options and be sure to focus on a few key things you know your audience will enjoy. If you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to survey them in advance. Simply ask them what they want most from the event.

Don’t Forget To Negotiate  
Speakers have set rates and minimums for going out the door. That is standard in the speaking industry. But they’re also negotiable if you make your event appealing to them. Ask the keynote speaker for a deal. Ask them to throw in their travel expenses, or to sign a few books after the talk. In short, negotiate. Throw in some perks like an extra night at the hotel or a discounted block-booked rate at the facility. Is there a golf course nearby? Do they golf? Have some fun and you’ll come away with a win-win arrangement that is great all around.


Need Help Planning Your Event?

If you need ideas, suggestions, vendor, or help finding a good location for your event, please feel free to reach out to us. We have a Go-To list of local vendors we have worked with and we’re always happy to offer recommendations free of charge.

Our list includes hotels, caterers, conference facilities, event planners, destination management companies, and many more.

For free recommendations or help planning your event or finding a Keynote Speaker in Honolulu, HI, please Send Us A Note.

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