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How to find the right Conference Speaker for your event

Are you looking for a Conference Speaker for an upcoming event?

The right speaker can be the highlight of your conference and make your entire event a huge success. The challenge is to find the right speaker – one who will be a smash hit with your audience.

This post will give you some valuable tips for finding the right Conference Speaker for your event.


How To Find The Right Conference Speaker

These tips come from more than 18 years of helping companies and associations find the right speakers, trainers and sports figures for their conferences:

Consider the overall theme of your conference
Conference Speaker Ask some of the attendees what topic(s) they would like to see a presentation on
Conference Speaker Determine your maximum budget, including any misc. travel expenses
Look at your timeline and determine the length of the presentation you want
What your attendees are most likely to respond to? Action, stories, humor, data, etc.
Lock your speaker in with a deposit as early as possible. The good ones get booked out up to a year in advance

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More Conference Speaker Tips & Insights 

Conference Speaker When you talk with prospective speakers, ask for a brief overview of their presentation. If that seems like a good fit, they may be good pick. On the other hand, if the brief overview isn’t right, the presentation will likely not be either.

Conference Speaker One of the best reasons to use a Speakers Bureau is that we can help you avoid making a bad choice. Many speaker-videos are deceiving and it’s not always easy to know which speaker is the most skilled. Bureaus know their roster of speakers, their strengths and weaknesses, and can help you find a good fit quickly.  Plus, Speakers Bureaus like ours are FREE to you, the organization. We’re paid by the speakers.

Conference Speaker Always ask the speaker for a copy of their ‘performance rider’. This is a document that spells out their presentation requirements. Be sure you can meet them.



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