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1) An Attitude of Excellence… 5 Simple Steps For 5 Star Success

• Develop a workplace culture of excellence

• Develop leadership skills - no matter the position in the organization

• Embrace change as positive factor

2) How To Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks: When Life or The Economy Deals You A Setback!

• Development the mind set that winners use to overcome tough times

• Implement step-by-step strategies you can immediately use to turn your setbacks into comebacks

• Prepare your action plan to bullet proof your future!

3) Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks With An Attitude Of Excellence!

• “5 Simple Steps For 5 Star Success”

• “Seven Secrets To Get Through The Recession And Get Rich!”

• T.I.P.S. (Techniques, Ideas, Principles and Strategies) for reducing the trial and error on the road to success and overcoming life’s most difficult challenges

4) Change IS GOOD … When Your Attitude is GREAT!

• The four step process for “winning with change!”

• How a change in perspective can positively change results

• How to create an all-star team where everybody is an MVP!

5) Motivate Your Youth: Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Win

• Make the decision to stay away from drugs and alcohol

• Make the commitment to pursue academic excellence

• Make wise choices and accept the fact that if they believe, they can achieve

6) How To Be Unstoppable! Leadership & Achievement!

• The Attitude Of Excellence mindset for creating unstoppable leaders

• How ordinary people can become “extraordinary” leaders

• The critical “Vision-Decision-Action-Desire (VDAD Formula)” for excellence in leadership

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