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A Golden Moment with Rev. Thabiti:

A Golden Moment is a playfully entertaining show designed to motivate, uplift, inspire and empower you in a way unavailable anywhere else.

This show integrates humor, spirituality, common sense and an ancient wisdom such as to provoke an upward shift in your perception in everyday life. You will be left feeling better, transformed in some cases, and better equipped to take on the "what's next" in your world.

If you're having a tough time, needing a boost, or if you just want to get recharged for next week, please... be sure to tune in.

Simply stated, this show is Food for Your Soul....


1) "Living The Superior Advantage"

2) "Outward Proof of Your Inner Truth"

3) "Reclaiming the Power of Birthright"

4) "Instant Illumination"

5) "Real Time Management"

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