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Ethics in Personal Development, Motivational: Jacob’s Ladder

Learn about the spiritual mind in a physical world. This entertaining and thought provoking presentation explores what Aristotle called the Golden Mean. Through a rational examination of the aspects of sin and virtue the audience comes away with applicable skills to meet the challenge of maintaining that delicate balance between the requirements of the physical world and the human desire to connect with Divinity.

Personal Resiliency: How to survive anything life throws at you

This informative and motivational presentation combines the strength of personal ethics with the capacity of life skills to provide a realistic method for building and sustaining the ability to bounce back from even the most devastating setbacks. Resiliency is not about never being knocked down, it’s about being able to get back up. Learn the skills that support the will.

Surviving Disasters on your own terms

This informative and motivational presentation offers ideas that can transfer plans into action to keep families safe and ready for disasters without obsessing on the future. The reality is that disasters are becoming more frequent and more devastating but there is hope. People can learn to make choices now that will help them survive later. This is not about the zombie apocalypse. Real people are confronted with worldly challenges like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms. Learning to prepare for these real world situations can not only save a life, but also make it easier to rebuild a normal life after survival. The presentation addresses plans, preparations and attitudes about survival.

Government Disaster Response

Enjoy a fascinating glimpse into the plans and methods of large scale disaster response at the state and federal level. Far from the dusty binders of “civil-defense” plans of the Cold War, todays disaster response plans are dynamic, well-coordinated and well-rehearsed. Learn how the government plans to save lives, protect property, preserve the economic viability of communities and even preserve our way of government when all we have built has been devastated by disaster.

Rebuilding Postal services in disaster devastated communities

After a disaster one of the most important tools for rebuilding a community is the United State Postal Service. After hurricane Katrina huge areas of the southern US had no postal service. Hear the story of the challenges and successes of the combined efforts of the US Army and the US Postal service and how they worked together to reestablish the first postal services back into the New Orleans area. This presentation is an excellent tutorial for civic leaders and emergency planners.

How to ask the military for help and actually get what you want

This entertaining and anecdotal presentation imparts a vital skill for community leaders. In a post-disaster situation the US military can provide a wealth of services and capacities to help protect your community and assist in the recovery of infrastructure and economic viability. But! if civic leaders and emergency managers do not know how to ask for what they need the military will do what they are trained to do rather than what community leaders need them to do. This concise presentation will provide civic leaders and emergency managers with simple and effective techniques to articulate their community’s needs into “mission sets” that the military can act upon.

Civil-Military Relations in the U.S.

An enjoyable evening for history buffs as well as general interest audiences. This enlightening presentation addresses the history of America’s relationship with its armed forces on homeland soil from the early British rule of the colonies to the current national plans for disaster relief and response to civil disturbance.

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