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Lighting the Way to the Mountain:

Catapult Effectiveness and Capture Creativity as You Plan For the Future Determine what road your team is on and laser-focus on the mountain in the distance you are trying to climb. Swat the SWOT with the higher-efficacy Force Field analysis. Learn the collaborative way, and create an action plan like you've never had before! With today's scarcity of resources, the value of strategic planning is not only deciding what you will do, but also deciding what you will not do. Based on Kimberly's recently released book, The Firefly Effect, this high-energy, high-impact program describes the process for engaging your committee, team or company in creating a compelling picture of success and a road map for getting there. During this program, Kimberly will demonstrate:

How to identify the mission or role of your team and determine the team's vision.

Replace the flawed SWOT analysis with Force Field analysis to identify the critical few priorities worthy of your limited resources and define success for each one. Use an interactive approach to create an action plan for the team and for each member. White-Hot Innovation Igniters: Five Ways to Spark Creativity and Channel it into Tangible Business Results Discover how to prevent leaders from keeping too tight a lid on the jar. Learn a proven process to search for untapped talent on your team. Know how to encourage productive conflict - a.k.a "creative abrasion The recession is in full swing and companies everywhere are feeling the pain. Shrinking budgets, sweeping layoffs and a smothering malaise likely have settled over your workforce, and even the most optimistic leader is wondering, Is there an end to this particular tunnel?

Innovation is your ticket out of this recession. Companies that can produce innovative ideas - good, workable innovative ideas - will be able to adapt to the new realities we face.

Innovation is everyone's job now, not just R&D or marketing. Business realities demand it. And the heart of innovation, of course, is people working together eagerly, intelligently and productively.

This presentation will ensure that you have five proven strategies for creating the culture and employee engagement critical making innovation happen in your company.

The Firefly Owners Club:

Secrets for Kindling Accountability in the People Who Make the Magic Inspire individual responsibility within teams Stimulate brainstorming, not "blamestorming" Motivate people to approach work as leaders, not victims Who dropped the ball? When are my people going to learn how to communicate? Why can't this team ever get it right?

Transforming finger pointing into positive, problem-solving action begins with the questions we ask ourselves.

Using lessons learned from real-life client engagements and captured in her book, The Firefly Effect, Kimberly will share with you the tools and best practices for increasing engagement within your organization.

Whether you are the team leader or a team member, you'll know the deep satisfaction of taking responsibility for your own life and reaching higher levels of productivity and results.

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