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The path to results is an obstacle course, not a straight line. That's what Ken Okel learned after spending more than 10 years on-air in TV News, running a professional ballet company, and organizing more than 100 hurricane relief volunteers.

In the fast moving TV news industry, Ken worked as news anchor, reporter, weatherman, and talk show host.

From the high cost of putting on a show to dealing with tempermental artists, Ken learned there are a lot of challenges you must overcome as the head of a professional ballet company. He knows what it's like to be the boss and have to babysit employees who complain about things like having too much toilet paper.

Ken used his Clear the Path philsophy when he coordinated hurricane relief volunteers after several storms. He brought hundred of strangers together and made them an effective unit that distributed much need food, water, and ice.

Ken is a Past President of the Florida Speakers Association and a member of the National Speakers Association.

His fans enjoy his weekly podcast, The 2 Minute Takeaway.

Now living in Florida, Ken celebrates the fact that he got out of TV News before YouTube was created.

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