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GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH and Other Unwritten Rules For Minority Professionals (Keynote or Workshop)

Moving up the ranks of corporate America requires much more than having the right degrees and working hard. It takes a plan. In this workshop, Keith Wyche empowers today’s minority professionals to see themselves through the same lens from which they are viewed by executive decision makers. Known for his “straight-shooter” approach, Wyche leverages real insights from his and his colleagues' journeys up the corporate ladder to provide real-world strategies for advancing to corporate leadership. The practical advice, tools and tips provided eliminates the maze that confines one to middle management; and insures they walk away with an executable plan to help them take their career to the next level.

Corner Office Rules: The 10 Realities of Executive Life Keynote

Given the pressures of the economy, stakeholder interests, and increased transparency those selected for top leadership jobs are asked to hit the ground running. The skills and characteristics that are critical to being a successful executive are new, challenging, and often counterintuitive. For that reason, Keith will share some of the essential truths about the executive experience that are seldom discussed, but have the potential to derail success. This session is not only about recognizing the realities, although anticipation is half the battle. He’ll also share advice about how to manage the circumstances effectively, using practical and tested strategies, so that you can be the executive you dreamt of becoming.

The 10 Realities of Corporate Life Keynote

Do you know and have what it takes to be successful in your job? Did your last review reflect what you believe to be true about your performance and promote ability? In this session, corporate executive Keith Wyche shares the realities of getting ahead in today’s tough corporate environment. You’ll gain “insider information” about what he and his c-suite colleagues expect from their employees. It is time to realize that life is not fair; you must embrace change and take personal responsibility of your career path.

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