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1) Stepping Up Changes Everything:

Based on his new book, Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything, Dr. Izzo explains how being accountable can radically transform any company, career or business. Being 100% responsible helps teams, leaders, and professionals act like owners and less like victims. This results in positive change and greater personal satisfaction in work and at life.

2) Leading for Excellence & Engagement:

A culture of high engagement with a focus on excellence is a key driver of business success. Studies show that organizations with high levels of employee engagement are signifi cantly more profi table, have much higher customer loyalty, higher productivity, and better reputations with customers than those with moderate engagement.

3) Branding from the Inside Out: Engaged Associates Drive Your Brand:

Engaged associates are your best brand strategy. A great logo, a savvy tagline and advertising campaigns are necessary, but none of it matters unless you deliver impeccable and memorable customer service. The intrinsic value that makes your company shine heads above your competition relies on one thing—relationships. Who you hire, how they are treated, whether they are engaged or not, and whether they believe in the services and products they sell, has everything to do with how the world sees your brand!

4) Stepping Up Your Game in Work & Life:

Why do some people keep growing and going to the next level in terms of business success and personal fulfi llment? Stepping up means taking the personal initiative to set higher goals, seek feedback and to continually move to the next level. In this keynote, Dr. Izzo will inspire you to make a bigger difference for your clients, connect more deeply with those you serve, and reveal the secrets to life-long success. Based on twenty years of researching and coaching successful professionals, Izzo shows how to keep taking your “game” to a new level not only in work but in your personal life as well.

5) The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die:

Powerful keynote based on Dr. John Izzo’s Biography/PBS Channel TV Series and book, The Five Secrets You Must Discover before You Die. This international bestseller is published in sixteen languages and was named the best self-help book of 2008 by the Independent Publishers Association.

6) The Green Advantage: How to Build Sustainability into Your Culture:

Going green is the emerging paradigm and many companies and organizations are implementing changes to become more sustainable. Doing so not only enhances brand image, but attracts more customers and quality employees whose values are increasingly “green.”

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