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Joe realized he had a passion for motivational speaking after delivering a ten-minute speech in his sophomore year of high school. He discovered the gift of compassion and energy as well as an ability to connect with his audience. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and Coach U (a world class coach training organization). With over 25 years of business and personal experience he now inspires people to find their “treasures” through personal/business coaching. He has served as an executive for Bell Atlantic and the Archdiocese of Newark.

He is trained in martial arts and possesses a 3rd degree black belt in Karate.

Joe has always had a passion for animal rights, and is a certified dog trainer. He has rescued two dogs from shelters who live with him and his family. Most recently, he trained one of the rescued dogs, Shelby, to be a certified therapy dog, and recently published “Shelby’s Grace”, outlining the Pit Bull’s journey of love and compassion. He authored a second book in January 2011 titled, “The Dog Ate My Homework”. This book is about accountability from a dog’s view, also the brand of his presentation series. He presents “The Dog’s View” series with great enthusiasm.

In March 2011, he graduated from Emerson Theological Institute as a certified Animal Chaplain.

Joe lives in New Jersey with his wife Geralynn and two grown children, Joe and Jenna, and of course, their five canine kids, Rommel, Greta, Spartacus, Shelby, and Daniel (The Miracle Beagle).

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