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Jerry Anderson

Fitness Speaker Jerry Anderson
Fitness Speaker Jerry Anderson

Jerry Anderson is a Health Speaker and Fitness Expert, Star of Jerry’s Jump Start seen regularly on CNN. Jerry has been featured on CNN over fifty five times. He is the author of the “Joy of Fitness for Women”. Jerry has spoken at many Churches and Conferences across the country. Jerry brings over 29 years of experience with exercise and nutrition to his powerful Messages. Jerry uses Biblical Health Principles from the Bible to teach Pastors and Leaders, how to be healthy God’s way.

The way to a healthy lifestyle is clear for Mr. Anderson. It's in the Bible.

Jerry's Main Topics Include: Business Leadership, Church Leadership, Corporate Leadership, Christian Speakers, Religion, Health / Nutrition, Leadership, Wellness, Fitness, Management.


  • Business
  • Fitness
  • Health / Nutrition
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Religion
  • Wellness


$5000 - $10000

Travels from

Los Angeles

Jerry Anderson CNN Fitness Expert & Health Speaker

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