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Emotional Intelligence for Engineers (and other Brainiacs): Engineers are people too.

Have you been accused of being too much like a computer, too cold, insensitive? Has you left-brain success on the job interfered with your right-brain happiness in life? Do you have the feeling that maybe there is life outside engineering? Do you enjoy a healthy work – life balance?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to know and understand your emotions, recognize the emotions of other people and use this knowledge to create the greatest mutual good. We are creatures of emotion, not logic, and when we couple our dream with emotion, we attract it to us.

This entertaining presentation by an engineer who made the transition successfully will help you find a more fulfilling life whether you are an engineer, related to an engineer or managing engineers. This presentation is fun, motivating and upbeat as well as humorous.

Contents Selecting and Planting the Best Emotion Recognizing Other People’s Emotions Helping Plant the Best Emotion in Others Using Emotions to Achieve the Greatest Good Discovering Your Own Emotions Abundance – Your Birthright The world is one of abundance everywhere, yet we strive to eke out an existence with a scarcity mentality. If you are unhappily settling for mediocrity – fighting a losing battle to avoid scarcity – this is for you. Learn today how to recognize and embrace the abundance that is waiting for you. Everything we need is provided in abundance – enough for everyone, yet we think with a win-lose mentality.

As you begin to think “abundance,” and realize you can have abundance, more will come to you. “To he who has much, more will be given. From he who has little, even that will be taken from him.”

Whether you want more love, time, energy, mentors, security, freedom or ideas, that item is waiting in abundance for you to get it. Want more money? There are trillions of dollars in banks collecting 1-2% interest, just waiting for the right idea. This seminar shows that in fact there is enough for everyone and that we can have all that we are willing to go after. The presenter, Hugh Curley, lived with scarcity and has made the transition to abundance; he has walked the talk, and in this humorous, story filled speech, he can show you how you can also.

The Winners’ Image Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause of the results you get in your life: the hidden image you hold of yourself. In this program, you will identify at least three limiting beliefs you hold, the winners’ image belief to replace them and a plan to make those winner’s image belief a part of your belief system.

Course Contents:

What is a winners’ image How winners think vs. how the masses think Psycho-cybernetics How do we develop our own winner’s image? How can we change it? Tapping Your Infinite Potential We are all born rich in potential. Most of us are told to reach for our “full potential” but never told how. This seminar answers the “How” question.

The self-image operates like the thermostat in your home. Once your image is set, your life is on course to produce the physical manifestation of the mental image you hold. This program shows you exactly how to set your “personal thermostat” to MAXIMUM SUCCESS so you can start living the ideal life.

The entertaining, easy to understand speech has shown thousands of people how their results are controlled by the self-image in their sub-conscious mind and how they can create any self-image they desire – thereby creating any results they want. Course Contents:

Why we do what we do Our self-image: the beginning Creating our desired self-image

Leadership for Non-Leaders There is a saying in dog sledding, “If you are not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” Applied to people, we could say neither does the view of our salary, status or ability to get our dreams accomplished. If you have a dream, step out of your follower role, step up to a leadership role and take control of your destiny. View the world from the front of the pack – as a leader.

How do you get today’s employees to do what you want? Strong arm tactics such as punishment do not work. Micro-managing will not work. The employees can – and will – seek other employment and describe their bad experiences including names, dates and specifics on the social media of the internet.

If you are ready to move your company, division or department forward through maximizing employee performance this is the course for you.

Learn the difference between leadership and management from a presenter who has been a manager in corporate America and a leader in the most difficult setting - volunteer organizations. This presentation:

defines leadership, lists the six key ingredients of leadership, gives many examples of successful leadership, and starts you on the path to leadership.

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