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Harry Freedman

Humor Emcee Dr. Harry Freedman
Humor Emcee Dr. Harry Freedman

Harry Freedman - The Nation's Mis-Leading Expert Lying For Laughs For Over 25 Years! Customized Corporate Comedy Put-ons - Emcee - Hilarious Interview Videos

Perhaps the only individual to ever have been profiled in the business sections of The New York Times, Miami Herald, Newsday, and Int’l Herald Tribune, Harry Freedman will create the perfect fake industry expert for your group, that has everyone fooled until they are roaring with laughter!


  • Celebrity
  • Comedian
  • Emcee
  • Health / Nutrition
  • Humor
  • Medical/Dental
  • Sports/Athletics
  • Wellness


$3500 - $7500

Travels from

New York

Corporate Comedy Put-Ons, Emcee, Customized Videos

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