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The Middle East. There are plenty of ivory tower experts on the Middle East, from the worlds of diplomacy and think tanks, but they have not spent much time with their boots on the ground.

NASA and our future in space. The United States has a future in space, and the space shuttle program was shuttered to free up the money to pursue it.

Russia on the World Stage. After decades of Iron rule, citizens of the former Soviet Union were given freedoms they never dreamt they'd have--- free speech, free elections, free political parties, and so forth. But it didn't all last. Why not?

The New Media. In short, because of the proliferation of news sources, reliable or not, the old media has a much smaller piece of the pie than it used to have.

Where We Ought to Watch--- a tour of the world, based on more than 40 years as a journalist with boots on the ground.

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