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Francine Ward

 Francine Ward Motivational Speaker & Author  

Her life reads like a great American novel. The kind where the heroine overcomes incredible odds, and then turns around to help others do the same.

TODAY, Francine Ward is a BREAKTHROUGH specialist! She knows how to break-through the obstacles that stand between us and success. She has done it for herself; she has done it for others, and now she is ready to show you how to do it for yourself.

A story of resilience, endurance, and a faith that works under all conditions. Francine Ward proves that success in life is not just about having confidence, or having the right pedigree, it’s about making right choices and being willing to overcome the inevitable obstacles that are bound to get in your way.


  • Accountability
  • Change
  • Christian
  • Law


$7500 - $10000

Travels from

San Francisco

Author of Esteemable Acts

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