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David Cottrell has created a legacy of leadership excellence. During his three decades of leadership experience in corporate America, David has lived the obstacles, frustrations and issues today’s leaders face. The best-selling business author of 25 highly acclaimed books, David has been a featured expert on public television and has shared his leadership philosophy and lessons with more than 300,000 managers and leaders worldwide. He is currently CEO and President of CornerStone Leadership Institute, one of the nation’s largest publishers of management and leadership resources.

David has walked in leaders’ shoes. With over 30 years of leadership experience in corporate America, David knows firsthand the obstacles, frustrations and issues leaders face. In sales and executive management positions with FedEx and Xerox, he created a legacy of leadership excellence, earning awards and achieving levels that continue to stand out as remarkable. His wisdom and sincerity come from one who has “been there.” David’s depth of knowledge and experience make for content-rich learning experiences that few other speakers can match.

David is a master at developing people. His genuine passion for mentoring others is reflected in his presentations, his array of leadership resources and the work of CornerStone Leadership Institute. David’s leadership philosophy and lessons have become the guiding force for organizations around the world. More than a quarter of a million leaders who've heard him share his leadership message will tell you that David changed not only their perspectives, their energy levels and their attitudes, but also their lives. David is sincerely committed to helping each individual enhance his or her leadership skills.

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