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You'll like the way Chuc:

1) Encourages you to examine (and even laugh at) your current situation.

2) Engages you with compelling stories and examples from his one-on-one consultations.

3) Persuades you to adopt a "minutes count mindset" so you have more influence, impact, results, and meaningful time.

You'll appreciate the fact that Chuc:

1) Tailors his presentations to meet your needs.

2) Relates to nearly every group, thanks to his senior management experience in:






And, when participating in Chuc's "Capture the Moment" presentation skills trainings, you'll immediately realize why he has been such a successful presentation coach for:

• Professional speakers

• Corporate sales teams

•Engineers, attorneys, accountants, project managers, team leaders, teachers, administrators and senior executives

Chuc is one of a select group of speakers who has been awarded a CSP credential (Certified Speaking Professional).

• CSP is the standard of professionalism in the speaking business.

• Only 500 of the 5,000 members of the Global Speakers Federation have earned the CSP credential.

A true pro, Chuc is author of the books:

•"Get Your Ducks In A Row!"

•"Capture the Moment"

And he is past president of the Kansas City chapter of NSA.

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