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Bob Elster

 Bob Elster Speaker, Business Coach, Life Coach 

I love getting in front of an audience and empowering them to reach new levels of success at work and in all areas of their life. It’s so exciting to see people get it … to understand that they do have amazing potential and that they can significantly increase their results. So many people have given up on living life the way they really want to buying into our cultures “be satisfied with what you have” mentality. I intend to reach as many people as possible, inspiring them, and teaching them how to change that mentality, how to change their mind to change their results. Let me start with your group and you will not be disappointed. I promise, that if you hire me as your next speaker your people will approach their work and life in a whole new way. There will be a spirit of creation, rather than competition and people will individually and collectively be setting goals you and they never thought were possible , and achieving them. I look forward to working with you!


  • Motivational
  • Personal Dev.
  • Success


$6000 - $9000

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Empowering People and Organizations to Reach Their Full Potential

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