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Ash came from India with just $20 and not a word of English. Ash has been in the financial services industry since 1994. Ash failed his Insurance exam more then 6 times. Ash sucked at sales for 7 years. As you can see Ash has struggled in the industry before finding his grove and succeeded.

Ash has worked with major banks as a branch manager and private wealth manager before went out on his own. Ash has won major awards like the SunTrust Cup while working at the banks. Ash has been #1 in the state and top 10 in the country with the subsidiary of Citigroup.

He has been interviewed on TV. He is a Author of 2 books published on Amazon One of them is on sales called "Sell Like Crazy" your personal guide to closing any deal in just 3 steps. Second one is on financial matters called "No Nonsense Retirement". He has received congressional recognition for his work from United States House of Representatives Roscoe G. Bartlett.

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