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About Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is an industrial city in North West Central Georgia.

It's the state capital. The land was ceded to Georgia in in 1821 by Creek indians and was settle in 1833.

In 1837 it was founded as the town at the end of the Western and Atlantic Railroad line and named Terminus. It served as a Confederate supply depot and communications center during the Civil War.

On September 2, 1864, Atlanta fell to General Sherman who devastated the city by fire on November 15th.

The city was rapidly rebuilt into an important industrial and commercial center.

It was made temporary state capital in 1868 and then the permanent capital in 1877.

In the 20th century, Atlanta grew to become one of the major US cities. It was once of the first southern cities to desegregate its schools successfully.

Maynard Jackson was made Atlanta's first black mayor in 1974. It is the site of the capitol building, city hall, Cyclorama Building, High Museum of Art, Oakland Cemetery, Fort Walker, Atlanta Campaign National HIstoric Site, Kennesaw Mt. National Battle filed Park, grave of Martin Luther King Jr.

Atlanta stadium hosts a national football team; the Atlanta Falcons, and baseball team; the Atlanta Braves.

Atlanta's educational institutions include: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Georgia State University.


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