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Voss Graham Your Knowledgeable Partner for Growth

Fees: 2500 - 5000     Flies out of: Memphis

While knowledge is important, applied knowledge is of Greater Value to You and Your Team. Bring Wisdom and Experience to the table.

Voss takes an approach to his work of finding the cause of the problem and change it - thus creating a new and more favorable effect. If you are looking for someone to assist you in "getting to the next level" of performance - then you have found the right person to help you get there.

Leadership Speaker Warren Blank

Warren Blank, PhD Leadership Expert

Fees: 5000 - 10000     Flies out of: Miami

Warren Blank is President of The Leadership Group, a leadership and organizational development firm founded in 1986 with offices in Vero Beach, Florida, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Fairfield, Iowa. Warren provides training, consulting and speaking for organizations throughout the United States, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. His corporate clients include over 50 Fortune 500 firms including: American Cyanamid, Erie Insurance, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Hyatt Hotels, IBM, Kroger, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Senati of Peru, Shell Oil Company, and SYSCO. Government clients include over 80 different organizations including: Air Force, Army, Bureau of Land Management, DCMA, DOL, EEOC, EPA, FBI, FCC, FDIC, HUD, IRS, Marines, Navy, NRC, the Panama Canal Commission, SEC, Treasury Department, and the USDA.

Healing Consultant Wendy Treynor

Wendy Treynor Where Science & Spirit Meet

Fees: 6000 - 7500     Flies out of: LosAngeles

I'm Wendy Treynor, teacher of love and self-love, and creator of "Healing Consulting." I am a social psychologist, cancer survivor, philosopher, artist, scientist, writer, and dreamer--as well as an inspirational speaker, author, and personal consultant.

I have created Healing Consulting to help people heal themselves, to actualize their full potential. My deepest wish is to help people find the freedom, the peace, the love, and the happiness they seek: to help people live their lives to the fullest.

Willie Jolley is a Celebrity Speaker, Singer, & Author

Willie Jolley World-class, award-winning speaker, best-selling author and media personality

Fees: 12500 - 21500     Flies out of: WashingtonDC

Success Magazine hailed Mr. Jolley as the 'Comeback King.’ He earned this title for successfully helping Ford Motors avert the need to accept bail out dollars! He was hired to speak to all Ford employees. Plus, he plus helped design an internal communications campaign to reinforce the Ford “Bold Moves” messages.

Willie Jolley’s programs are focused on excellence - helping you develop a winning attitude, increasing productivity and out-performing the competition!

Zalonya Allen Career & Leadership Development Expert

ZaLonya Allen Dr. ZaLonya Allen – Career & Leadership Development Expert

Fees: 5000 - 7000     Flies out of: Detroit

ZaLonya Allen, PhD is a leading authority on leadership and motivation. She has been delivering presentations to audiences everywhere for over ten years and is eager to share her powerful message of personal growth and development with you. She understands the challenges you face because she's been there. As an educator she has taught at all levels of higher education from community college to graduate school. She spent nearly ten years in the corporate world and has served in numerous leadership positions. She is a published writer of articles and books including, 7 Steps to Developing the Leader in You, which outlines a fresh approach to leadership in the 21st century. Dr. ZaLonya Allen is The Right Speaker for Your Next Event.

Results 491-495 of 495pg.16768697071


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