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Speaker Andrew Botieri on sales and marketing

Andrew Botieri Sales and Marketing

Fees: 4000 - 7000     Flies out of: Boston

Andrew Botieri began his career with JC Penney in 1982 and worked his way up to Senior Merchandise Manager based on his ability to see trends before they happened. Andrew was instrumental in JC Penney's "upgrade" to a mass merchandiser in the mid-eighties with their brand-name push that put them on the map. Andrew's ability to coach and train his associates for "add-on selling" helped propel customer service and profits. Andrew worked as an Account Executive for Eden's Broadcasting in Phoenix where he created the "Y95 Apartment Guide Hotline" linking metro-Phoenix's apartment hunters with premiere properties in the Valley of the Sun and in 1988 was elected to the President's Club.

Speaker Andy Core on healthcare

Andy Core Motivational Speaker Andy Core

Fees: 5000 - 7500     Flies out of: LittleRock

Andy has a master’s degree in the science of human performance and has spent the last 16 years mastering the art of inspiring people to become energized, healthy, motivated and better equipped to thrive in today's hectic society.

Speaker Andy Masters Sales and marketing Entrepreneur

Andy Masters Sales and marketing Entrepreneur

Fees: 5000 - 10000     Flies out of: Orlando

Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who has presented hundreds of Leadership, Service, and personal development programs across North America.

He has written 5 books and earned 4 degrees, including an M.A.-Human Resources Development and an M.A.-Marketing from Webster University in Missouri. Andy is author of the award-winning book "Kiss Your Customer: 77 Reasons Why Sales & Service Are Just Like Dating & Relationships", and his latest book “Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire.”

Major Mom Angela Cody-Rouget

Angela Cody-Rouget Major Mom

Fees: 2500 - 5000     Flies out of: Denver

The founder and CEO of Major MomŽ, Angela Cody-Rouget walks her talk. She has 2 decades of training in order management. She served in the U.S. Air Force for 18 years (10 years active duty, 4 years in the reserves +4 years in AFROTC) and she embraces and thrives in orderly environments. Orderly does not mean rigid or inflexible! Orderly means that you have room in your brain to think about important things. Not only was she born to organize but after 18 years in the USAF the processes of order and organization are internalized and it is natural to live orderly. She wishes everyone knew how good it felt to have a peaceful and serene home.

Generational Speaker Anna Liotta

Anna Liotta Generational Speaker Anna Liotta

Fees: 15000 - 25000     Flies out of: Seattle

Anna Liotta is an award-winning speaker, business consultant and author with a deep understanding of how generational demographics and dynamics can affect the landscape of business. Early in her consulting career, Anna noticed a common theme: a fundamental lack of understanding between different generations within an organization that hindered success, trust and alignment. Further, this generational misinterpretation or breakdown, was occurring across many different industries from wealth management, legal, medical, insurance to technology and manufacturing. Anna chose to make alignment and understanding across generations her mission, something she joyfully participates in every day, with every client. She leveraged her business, communications and psychology training to develop the Generationally Savvy Communication Solutions™ program – a methodology that helps clients attract, grow and retain top talent and loyal patrons across the generations.

Communications and Leadership Speaker Anne Grady

Anne Grady Communication and Leadership

Fees: 4500 - 6500     Flies out of: Austin

Anne Grady is the President of Acclivity Performance. Anne captivates audiences with her unique blend of humor, refreshing honesty, down-to-earth style, and her ability to help individuals and organizations get results. For over fifteen years Anne has helped lead organizations and leverage the strengths of individuals and teams.

Ann Obanski

Anne Obarski Anne Obarski

Fees: 2500 - 5000     Flies out of: Cleveland

Making a positive, lasting impression with every customer has never been more important than today. Serving customers can be a joy.

Whether you want stellar Yelp reviews or viral YouTube videos, it’s about consistently delivering an infectious and enviable customer service experience.

As founder of Merchandise Concepts, Anne’s “Retail Snoops”TM program extensively researches all aspects of customer service. She’s gathered priceless knowledge after mystery shopping more than 2,000 stores and businesses over 15 years.

Results 15-21 of 491pg.1234567pg.71


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